Dating server minecraft 1 8

minecraft dating server 1 8 1 - A new friendly server in need of some players to start our community, the server is great and we plan on improving the server in anyway shape or form so feel free to suggest things to our staff, also if you want to apply for staff you can do so in game, hope to see you on the server. Currently our we have a survival world with tons of great features such as: - we are a peaceful factions server - we a plugin that offers magic and spells - marriages - mcmmo stats - lucky blocks with random rewards 1. Server is for people who do not mind swearing, mod apps are open, but are very strict, we require tons of effort in the mod app, and will not read them until your playtime is 6 hours or more! è un server fazioni ma con molte aggiunte come: rank, bauli magici, strutture dedicate come lo shop, veicoli, arena pvp, armi e altro, la possibilità di depositare i soldi in una carta paypal!

Minecraft Dating Server Updated

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